Custom Orders to Full Product Manufacturing

We at Astoria Home Décor & Gifts of Mendocino manufacture all of our wood & ceramic products and have expanded into providing wholesale services along with product White Labeling or “ Private Labeling “ of our existing products or custom designs with your logo! We provide these at a wholesale price for your business!

If you are not in the resale business, for example you just need a handful or more of an item produced, we offer quantity discounts.

If you need a bunch of party favors, gifts, or just a limited amount of something with no long-term reordering, we can also help you out!

We offer quantity discounts and discounts on shipping depending on what you order.

Browse our options below.

We have found these to be the best answers to our most common questions

individuals and business ask beyond or normal e-commerce or brick and mortar business.

Interested in wholesale of our items?

Interested in manufacturing? 

Complete Our Wholesale Application:

Astoria Home Decor & Gifts Wholesale Application Form

Once we approve your application, we can begin discussions on what you need and what we can provide.

Have a smaller project like a limited product run, need a handful or a few more?

Just send us a quick message below and we will get back to you!

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Having a wedding or party and need party favors or something to gift?

How about a housewarming gift?

Here you can custom engrave names on our streamlined charcuterie board engraving form.

Personalized Charcuterie Board Gifts

Type the text you want engraved, and pick font options, and boarder styles.

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