Left Handed
Deluxe Fiddle Knife / Bow Knife for Bread
Black Walnut with Birch Inlayed Handle Stripes
( 1/2” gap between blade and fiddle arm )
Includes a Cedar Wood Sheath


Left Handed Deluxe Handmade Fiddle Bread Knife

This Fiddle Knife Features Black Walnut with Birch Inlayed Handle Stripes, Serrated Steel Blade & Cedar Sheath  

Lockyer brand Fiddle Bread Knives are handmade in Mendocino, California.

Brought to you by the maker of Astoria Home Store & Gifts’ Charcuterie & Food Serving Items comes his own brand Fiddle Knives for slicing bread. Perfect to aid in making even slices of bread! These Fiddle Knives are made into Right Handed or Left Handed knives in a Standard version or a Deluxe Version. Each version has the same attention to detail in finish. The Deluxe Fiddle Knives / Bow Knives have decorative hardwood striped handles or two brass pins in the handles for additional strength in the laminated handle which also doubles for extra fancy flair 😉

These Bread Knives are all worked by hand, hand cut, contoured & sanded, hand finished & assembled.

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