Right Handed 2 1/4" Large Gap Bread Fiddle Knives / Bow Knives

Bread Slicing “Bow Knives” or “Fiddle Knives” Handmade in Mendocino

Perfect knife design for slicing bread into even, consistent slices!

All our Fiddle / Bow Knives now have Stainless Steel Blades! -Now you can air dry and the blades will not oxidize if not completely dry!

The Fiddle Knife’s hardwood is finished very smooth and conditioned with Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner (Periodic re-oiling may be needed over time)

Deluxe Fiddle Knives / Bow Knives have decorative hardwood striped handles or two brass pins in the handles for additional strength in the laminated handle which also doubles for extra fancy flair πŸ˜‰

The fiddle knife sheath is made of cedar.

Fiddle knife lanyard and sheath twine is made of sustainable hemp.

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