Mendocino Keepsakes & Souvenirs

Are you a fan of the Mendocino area or want to gift someone a locally made, handcrafted item? We hand make all these items in Mendocino!

We have a wide variety of Mendocino Charcuterie boards, cheese boards, serving boards, and keepsakes that say “Mendocino” and are handmade right in Mendocino Village

Ordering more than a handful of our larger items or more than a couple of our product groupings?
We use FedEx for large orders, click on this button and scroll down to the “Custom or Large Ordering Inquiry Box”
Custom or Large Ordering Inquiry Box
(Items in large orders going to the same shipping address go through FedEx with combined shipping saving you money. Tell us what and how much and we will send you an invoice for your items and then a quote for the combined shipping and send you a separate custom shipping quote)

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