Lockyer Brand Adjustable Fiddle Knives

Perfect knife design for slicing bread into even, consistent slices!

Our Adjustable Fiddle Knives / Bow Knives have sharp serrated Stainless Steel Blades with an adjustable slice thickness gauge that runs from under a half inch up to one and a half inches. The Adjustable Fiddle Knives or Adjustable Bow Knives come with slice thickness indicators at 1/2″ – 1″ – and 1 1/2″

The Fiddle / Bow Knife’s hardwood is finished very smooth and conditioned with Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner (Periodic re-oiling may be needed over time)

The Fiddle / Bow knife sheath is made of cedar.

Fiddle / Bow knife lanyard and sheath twine is made of sustainable hemp.

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