Lockyer brand “Fiddle Knives” or “Bow Knives” are handmade in Mendocino, California.

These Fiddle Knives are a perfect aid for slicing consistent, uniform & even slices of bread!

These knives are great for slicing into warm fresh soft bread loaves, bagels, thin slices for crostini’s or thick French toast & garlic bread slices!

-Also great for slicing other foods like tomatoes & onions!

The bread knives have tensioned thin sharp serrated stainless steel blades which are made into Right Handed or Left Handed knives in a Standard version or a Deluxe Version.

Check out our new very own Adjustable Fiddle Knives! AKA: Adjustable Bow Knives / Adjustable Bread Knives.

All these bread knives are all worked by hand: hand cut, contoured & sanded, hand finished & assembled with attention to detail in final finish.

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