Custom Chopping Blocks / Butcher Blocks / Countertop / Table Top Blocks -ETC

Are you needing a custom designed item?

The manufacturer of our brand products also does custom projects for locals and customers who visit our brick and mortar (we also ship nation wide). If you are in need of a custom chopping block / butcher block or even something large like a countertop or tabletop you can cut on, email him at

Or, contact him directly here:




    (Lower resolution images here to speed page load. Click on images if you want to see higher resolution images with more angles and some of the process)

    Large Black Walnut Oak End Grain Chopping Block Top Close-up - Custom Mendocino Chopping Blocks - Mendocino Woodworkers - Local Gifts

    Custom Chopping Blocks from Astoria Home Store & Gift Shop of Mendocino Village

    Custom Made Large Birch Hardwood Edge Grain Cutting Board - Handcrafted in Mendocino Village - USA MADE in USA - Astoria Home Store of Mendocino copy

    Birch Edge Grain Chopping Block

    1 Finished Chopping Block Handmade in Mendocino - Mendocino Gift Shop Mendo Made Mendocino Village copy

    Birch and Black Walnut End Grain Butcher Block / Chopping Block

    Custom 5 Foot by 3 Foot Maple Edge Grain Tabletop / Countertop for a house in Albion, South of Mendocino


    Contact Derek Lockyer Here: 

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