Steps for care and maintenance:



Clean your hardwood item with warm water, a mild soap and a soft sponge.

Do not submerge your pieces in water, as it will cause them to crack swell and warp and stain.

After hand washing, dry them with a dishtowel and then any other moisture dry out by allowing them to air dry overnight.

 *We recommend using stainless steel knives / spreaders / forks / spoons -etc. to reduce the chance of staining. 

Periodic Oiling

Your natural wood item will dry out with use and age and periodic oiling is required.

With a soft, lint-free cloth, rub a generous amount of food safe mineral oil on all sides of your hardwood item.

You can pick up the mineral oil at a hardware store, grocery or drug store, or online. Mineral oil is one of the cheapest and easiest thing to find.

*We recommend Howard’s Brand of a Beeswax citrus blend. 

You may also use olive oil, but we have found FDA approved mineral oil or a Bee’s wax mineral oil blend works best.

Buff any residual oil off of your hardwood item. The item will have a slightly darker color and a beautiful shine once again.


*** Reminder: If you are chopping or cutting on your block or serving board, it will scratch and may knick.

If you want your hardwood item to last its longest, or just want a renewed more presentable wood piece, 

follow our suggested cleaning and oiling care instructions and you can allways re-sand and re-oil. 


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