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Adjustable Bread Knives Adjustable Fiddle Knives Adjustable Bow Knives Bow Fiddle Knives USA MADE IN USA Made in Mendocino Lockyer Brand

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Lockyer brand “Fiddle Knives” or “Bow Knives” are handmade in Mendocino, California.

Brought to you by the maker of Astoria Home Store & Gifts’ Charcuterie & Food Serving Items comes his own brand Fiddle Knives for slicing consistent, uniform & even slices of bread.

These Fiddle Knives are perfect to aid in making even slices of bread! They are great for slicing warm fresh soft bread loaves, bagels, thin slices for crostini’s or thick French Toast & Garlic Bread Slices!

-Also great for slicing other foods like tomatoes!

These Fiddle Knives have tensioned thin sharp serrated Stainless Steel Blades and are made into Right Handed or Left Handed knives in a Standard version or a Deluxe Version.

We now have our very own Adjustable Bread Knives! AKA Adjustable Bow Knives / Adjustable Bread Knives

These Bread Knives are all worked by hand: hand cut, contoured & sanded, hand finished & assembled with attention to detail in finish.

Shop our Fiddle Knives / Bow Knives / Adjustable Bread Knives



USA MADE IN USA Adjustable Bread Knife Bow Knife Fiddle Knife – Lockyer Brand – Handmade in Mendocino – Mendocino Village – Mendocino County

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